When will it be live?

The new CBP was successfully launched as Beta at then end of Jan '24.  We have live stores using it.

The next phase is about extending the feature set and then doing things the old version couldn't do.  For example;

  • taking tips - already live ✅
  • smart login / account - already live ✅
  • show a visual booking calendar for alternate dates
  • extras choice groups - choose from list / man
  • super-extras - inventory backed extras
  • making TAE (tours activities / events) better and more powerful
  • product search / filtering / categorization

Existing stores will be able upgrade to the new experience if they meet the compatibility requirements described below - please ask you friendly Customer Success Manager if in doubt.

Configuration Compatibility

Here is a chart indicating the compatibility of the new CBP4 in relation to the different key modes of operation.

You will only be able to use the CBP when this compatibility matrix matches your own setup.

Feature Rollout

We are rolling out features incrementally to the CBP.

Here is the grid of our live progress.

last update Friday 23th Feb '24.

sectionfeatureOBW3CBP4CBP4 help article
setupopening online booking 'stand alone'opening online booking 'stand alone'
embedding on your websiteembedding on your website
coreshow categoriesshow categories
show Summary info for PFshow Summary info for PF
show Summary info on key icons of PFshow Summary info on key icons of PF
show Detail info for PFshow details for PF
show suggested sizings for PLsshow suggested sizings for PLs
show prices for the inventory / datesshow prices for the inventory / dates
capture the booker's identity datacapture the booker's identity data
display your T&Csdisplay your T&Cs
make bookingmake booking
customisationcustomize your colourscustomize your colours
customize your fontscustomize your fonts

show hide banner & store nameshow hide banner & store name
customize all the words for onlinecustomize all the words
customize your booking documentscustomize your booking documents
customize the names of your inventorycustomize the names of your inventory
supporting different languagessupporting different languages
paymentspay a sliding scale on checkoutpay a sliding scale on checkout
support Stripe paymentssupport Stripe payments
support Paypal paymentssupport Paypal payments

support discount codes
support discount codes
offering controlconfigure your booking slotsconfigure your booking slots

use non booking slot modeuse non booking slot mode
set online specific booking hoursset online specific booking hours
booking buffers in online bookingbooking buffers in online booking
support min / max duration by PFsupport min / max rental by PF
support booking lead timesupport booking lead time
pickup spacing for online reservationspickup spacing for online reservations
holdback % for some inventoryholdback % for some inventory
support 'internal only' categoriessupport 'internal only' categories
HIVO / regular modeHIVO / regular mode
customer dataset questions you ask Customersset questions you ask Customers
collecting rider / skier info per itemcollecting rider / skier info per item
product specific customer dataproduct specific customer data
'this is me' functionality'this is me' functionality
extrasselling item level extrasselling item level extras
selling reservation level extrasselling reservation level extras
taking tips / gratuity
taking tips / gratuity
deep linkingdeep link into a categorydeep link into a category
deep link into a PFdeep link into a PF
support referrer codessupport referrer codes
miscellaneousOnline ChannelsOnline Channels
Google tracking codeGoogle tracking code
Capture Delivery InformationCapture Delivery Information
Capture Booking notesCapture Booking notes