We like to keep data entry as easy as possible.

So we don't make you enter a price for EACH bike.  Instead, we organise bikes into Price Groups, and then you can set up your prices more quickly (and likewise if you have to update them).

Each bike belongs to a Price Group, and each Price Group has its profile over time.  The longer they rent the more they pay.

In the above diagram showing  the Inventory / Price groups page you will see the main part is a table of your Price Groups (rows) and Price Points (columns).

So, for example, you can see that the 2 hour price for your City bikes is 10. (whatever currency you are using)

The 4 hour price would be 15 etc.

You can have as many Price Groups (PGs) as you like.

You can have as many Price Points as you need.

Video tutorials

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