Let's say you rent Ski equipment and downhill mountain bikes.

  • For your skis you may want to ask DIN questions. (or snowboard stance)
  • For your MTBs you may want to get rider weight - to setup the suspension.

But you don't want to ask everyone all these detailed questions, you want to tailor the questions to the equipment being rented.  You want the questions to be product-specific.

For your skis you can collect DIN information:

So for your bikes you can collect rider weight:

Here is how it looks on the new Customer Booking Page

This article lays out how you do that.

First of all you want to setup your customer data for the questions you may want to ask.

(This is where you configure ALL the customer data questions you may want to ask, ie. for ski and bike)

Then you will want to narrow it down by each Product Family so that each question is only asked for relevant equipment.

First of all you need to find your Product Family so that you can turn off irrelevant choices.

Let's just say that I want to specify that for my bikes don't want to know about snowboard stance.

I navigate to the product family in question and I find the new section called 'Customer Data' at the bottom of the page:

Then I open up this section and untick any customer data that is not relevant for this product:

(here I'm un-ticking stance)

Then, when I revisit the Customer Booking Page I see that I'm no longer asked that question:

I'm only asked the bike-specific questions which I've chosen to maintain:

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