Sometimes you want to ensure you have enough 'space' between your bookings for logistical reasons:
  • safety checks
  • cleaning
  • charging e-bike batteries
  • logistics

For all of these reasons you might need booking buffers. Very easy to enable and setup in BRM2.0

Enable the feature in Settings - Features and Customization: toggle the switch and click Save.

The Online Rental buffer can be set on the Product Family (PF) level in Inventory - Add / Manage Items

Just set the minutes you need to prepare the bike for the next rental, take time to charge the battery or do a delivery.

e.g. - Product Family for road bikes set to 1 hour to clean and safety check a bike.

       - Product Family for ebike set to 8 hours to fully charge battery.

Booking buffers only work intra-day, meaning it can be used to create a buffer between 2 bookings on the same day.

If you use multiple product families it is even easier to set the Buffer in Settings - Product Compatibility

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