One of the most powerful features of BRM / RSM is that it is resource-driven.  Rentals consist of items like bikes (resources), and you can only book those items if they are available for the given date / time. This availability has the granularity of 1 minute, meaning you can pack in your rentals - and get the most out of your assets.  (see winning your game of tetris)

But by the same token, sometimes that power can get in the way of your workflow and make it harder.  Sometimes you don't want to be able to book any item at any time.

  • online - you only want your renters to use specified time slots like AM, PM or EVE
  • back-office - you only want your staff to be able to book certain times
  • tours / activities - perhaps you sell activities or tours that are constrained to certain times

Introducing 'Booking Slots'

You will setup:

  • which START TIMES you support
  • which DURATIONs you support

Settings > Online > Offering control

You will see this when you open the page:

This is how it looks to your customers:

For their chosen date:

  1. they select a Pickup Time from the dropdown
  2. they select a Duration from the dropdown