Which payment provider is best for your shop: Stripe or PayPal?


BRM supports Stripe and PayPal as integrated payment providers. Either can be used to take online booking payments be it in full or only a percentage as a booking deposit.

Stripe is supported in both Online Booking and in Back Office. It can be used to take online booking payments, store credit card token, take payments for extras in-store, take and refund security deposits and all within BRM Back Office interface. A real time-saver and minimises the chance of human error. Customer can pay with credit/debit card. To integrate stripe use these instructions.

PayPal integration is limited to Online Booking for recording payments either in full or a percentage as a deposit. Customers can pay with their PayPal account or using a credit/debit card. Setting up PayPal in BRM with help of this kb article. 


Book & pay onlinehere
Book & pay a percentage (deposit) onlinehere
Book & leave card online (no payment)here
See card token in back officehere
Add new payment from back officehere
See card via an icon on RLP
Ability to do a refund via processor from BRM