You can add / swap bikes to a reservation using this new quick field on the Reservation Details Panel

This means you can make quick adjustments to the products in a reservation by scanning, without having to resort to the availability window and adding from browsing what is available.

(of course if you don't know what is available you will want to use the existing add / swap buttons to continue to use the availability window)

This is particularly useful for using packages in BRM, where you sell a package and then assign inventory when the customer arrives in-store.

  • Simply select the barcode field (highlighted in this image below)
  • scan or type the barcode
  • press enter (if you scan the 'enter' keypress will likely happen automatically)

See also

adding or swapping via browse - when you want to see what is available

just do it mode - for when you want to add something that BRM thinks is not available.

packages - sell packages and fulfil with actual inventory