Imagine you want to add 10 bikes (or skis, or whatever) quickly to BRM.

(works great with really big numbers too of course)

This is super-easy you just use quick add and you're done in a few seconds.

So this is great and you end up with a new Product Line, (and perhaps Product Family, Category etc) and your 10 new bikes:

But they are not really your bikes yet - they don't have your ID's or barcodes.  So how do you quickly run through and 'name them' according to your IDs?

Well, now you can use inline edit within the Item Search page to quickly visit them all in turn.

Simply find your new category and click on the first Item ID or Barcode field.

  • Type (or if you have the product in front of you, scan it) the ID, hit tab (and optionally do the same for the barcode).
  • Then hit tab again and repeat until you've named them all.


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