Adding, Swapping & Removing inventory in a reservation

It is quite normal that after you've made a reservation, stuff is going to change.  For example, inventory may be added, removed or swapped out for different items.

All of these situations are easily catered for in the system in a few easy steps.

You have 2 options;

  • directly add / swap by barcode entry (or simply typing in IDs)
  • browse for available inventory and then drag and drop in..

1. directly add / swap

please refer to this article  Note this mode is normally for when you know the item will be available.

2. swap via browsing for availability

step 1

First of all decide if you want to Swap or Add

  • If adding then you don't need to select an item in your list.
  • If swapping then you first select the item you want to swap out.

Then press the add / swap via browse button - name will change automatically if you have an item selected:

and swapping:


step 2

When the window appears it will show you items that you may be able to add / swap in:

optional step 3
By default, the switch assets window is populated with assets of the same category and will show the date range of the respective reservation.

If you would like to use new assets from a different category, you just need to click on your category(ies) below.

When you have chosen the bike you want to add / swap then simply press the green button on the bottom right of the popup.

3. Removing items

Simply choose the Item you want to remove.  Select the row. Press the remove button:

Also see

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