BRM is a very sophisticated system with many capabilities.

The core of BRM is all about managing the rental lifecycle and all that entails:

  • inventory
  • real-time reservation calendar (scheduling and tracking)
  • handling the reservation lifecycle (getting round the circles)
  • payments & customers
  • maintenance

We do this in the context of your back office (email, telephone, walk-in) and online.

But there is far more to BRM than the core system and we call these extra capabilities layers.

Some people only use the core system.  Others will require one or more layers to run their operation.

Some layers in BRM are free, others are optional.

Some examples

Free layers

  • handling customer data and signatures
  • basic delivery management
  • selling extras (at the item or reservation level)
  • communication with customers
  • printing waivers and receipts

Optional paid layers (or modules)

  • complex delivery management
  • GBAL
  • Multi-location
  • Tours / Activities / Events

We do this so that the system is only as complex as it needs to be for each of our customers.

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