Handling customers data (including collecting signatures) is an important sub-layer in the BRM system.

It has many facets.

The 'data' that you collect from your customers.

  • core data (e.g. Name, email, address)
  • custom data - things you define that make sense for your business.  E.g. driver's licence ID
  • DIN information. If you operate ski rental you may want to collect DIN info like 'skier style'
  • Signature(s)

How & where you collect this data

  • Inbound scenarios
    • customer uses one of your tablets to collect data
    • customer uses a QR code to pull up input form on their phone
    • you post the input form on your website (coming soon)
  • 2-way scenarios
    • Automatic
    • Manual
      • your customer booked online and you need to beam their record to a tablet to collect signature
      • you took a reservation over the phone and need to email to a customer 

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