Delivery Management

Depending on the degree to which your business depends on providing deliveries BRM offers two levels of capability to deal with this requirement:

  • simple
  • full delivery scheduling (premium feature - not yet on BRM2.)


Here, BRM allows you to record delivery and pickup information against each reservation.  This means that just like reservation notes the information is where you need it when you need it.  The information you can record includes:

  • address (or general notes)
  • delivery price 
  • pickup price
  • delivery slot (ie time slot)

The important thing to note is that the delivery price you specify is rolled up as an 'extra' and included in your reservation pricing - including being itemised on the invoice.

Here's how that looks in BRM:

Full delivery Scheduling (coming soon to BRM2.0)

If you do a lot of deliveries you may want to enable the delivery scheduling capability.  This builds on the simple capability (above) and also allows you to assign all reservations going out / in on a given day to particular delivery runs.