User Roles

Each user has a role, which defines which parts of the system they can access.

  1. Basic - for 'Saturday' staff - the ability to make & manage rentals
  2. Mechanic - as above, but also access to the maintenance section
  3. Staff - many store functions, but not management features
  4. Store Manager - all of the above as well as setup, financial options

This table shows which key sections each user has access to:

BasicMechanicStaffStore Manager
Getting Started / Home 







Additionally, a role may be given one or more of these optional privileges  (or none)

  • Administrator - add & maintain users.
  • Primary Contact - one and only one per organisation - to manage the relationship with BRM.
  • Billing Contact - package and payment information.
  • Agent - make a booking but not much else.  (third parties in your system)
  • Switch Stores - the ability to switch stores within an organisation (if your organisation has multiple stores)
  • Just Do It - JDI - force through a change even when there is not room for it!

This table shows what extra access each privilege gives the user:

Any user of any role may be given from between 0 and 4 of these extra privileges.

AdministratorPrimary ContactBilling Contact
Switch StoreJDI

manage users 

features & customization

require at least 1 per store

account & billing pages

switch store 


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