Late return detection

There is no point having a reservation system that only handles what is reserved (i.e. planned) in the system. The system needs to actively handle real-life or it is of no use at all. In the rental business, you can be sure of one thing - stuff happens.

Late returns are pretty normal and the system lets you keep track of who's returned and who hasn't.

The platform automatically detects late returns and mark those reservations with a warning..

Right now the system will simply mark the reservation with a warning:

[coming soon to BRM2.0]
and it also stops late rentals 'disappearing off the radar':But in future the system will perform more sophisticated tasks:
  • attempt to auto-extend the reservation by X minutes / hours.  (and notify you if it fails)
  • perhaps send an SMS to you / renter to say bring the items back!

you will configure how you want the system to work...