Why would you want to do this?

  • perhaps you want to run all your transactions (retail and rental) through one system, Citrus Lime.  In this way BRM manages your rentals & Citrus Lime processes all payments.
  • however, you don't necessarily want to START in Citrus Lime.  Perhaps because you only take money on check-out, or on check-in.  Or perhaps because you have an unexpected charge to add at some later stage of a rental, like a late payment.

How does it work?

When you want to transfer a rental transaction into Citrus Lime you do the following.

When you come to do a payment, either an ad-hoc payment or due to a stage transition, you simply choose Citrus Lime as your method of payment

To add a transaction and pay in Citrus Lime

  1. use the 'Add Transaction' button 
  2. and just select Citrus Lime as your payment method:

This will then transfer your payment into Citrus Lime so the payment can be completed there.  


Please make sure you SORT BY Quote # in Citrus Lime to make sure your inbound quotes appear at the top of the list each time to do that simply press on the QUOTE # column and make sure arrow is ^ so that recent quotes are up top....

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