The table below describes the key concepts of BRM, you will find these symbols throughout BRM2.0.

CategoryTOP level of your hierarchy. This is how you organise your bikes so that customers and staff can find what they are looking for.

Example: Mountain
Product FamilyLevel 2 in your product hierarchy.  It represents a type of bike, and contains many sizes within.

Example: Specialized Stumpjumper 27.5"
Product LineLevel 3 in your product hierarchy.  It represents type of bike, but is size specific.
This is what customers book online.

Example: Specialized Stumpjumper 27.5" - Medium
ItemLevel 4 in your product hierarchy.  An actual item of inventory, like a physical bike that a customer rides. This is what customers actually take out your store and return.

Example: SJ012:  (a Specialized Stumpjumper 27.5" - Medium)

Price Group

This is how you set prices for your bikes.  Each bike belongs to a Price Group, and each Price Group has a profile across durations, using Price Points.

Example: TrailBikes
Price PointEach time you want to recognise a duration - such as 4hrs or 1 day, you set this up as a Price Point.  Then each of your Price Groups can have a corresponding price for that Price Point.

Example: 1d (when you support 1 day pricing for your price groups)
ReservationWhat you sell to your customers, one or more Items (or Product Lines) for a defined period of time and price.

Example:  Jun0008-19  (eighth booking in June)
Instant BookingAn instant booking guarantees that the bikes are available at the time of booking. (The shop may also require that a payment or deposit is made to confirm the booking). Instant Bookings are only available on Paid BRM plans.
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Booking RequestCustomers send the store a request to book a certain bike(s) on certain date(s). The request can be accepted or denied by the store. (for example if the bikes are not available at that time)
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Single or multiple customer icon
Optional 'layers'
ExtrasExtras can be added at the Item or Reservation level.  They can be customised with your naming, pricing and images etc.
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DeliverySome stores will do some (or all) of their business incorporating deliveries.  
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