Let's say you want to find out which bikes are involved in upcoming reservations so your mechanics can prepare them.

You can use the Prep List button in the maintenance area.

Let's take a more detailed look at this example printout;

You will note the following.

depending on which of the four quick search buttons you use:

  • Broken (show broken bikes)
  • Messages (show bikes with post-rental feedback)
  • Due (show bikes due for service - Service Points less than 50%)
  • Prep List (bikes in upcoming reservations)

....different columns will be displayed / hidden accordingly.

Here we are looking at the Prep List.  Given that we're talking about bikes in upcoming reservations you will see a Reservation section opens up with the following information

  • Reference:  the name (and link to) the reservation in question
  • Reservation Duration: how long is the rental for
  • Reservation Start: the reservation start date
  • Setup: any notes against the particular item in the particular reservation. e.g. name, size, pedal choice - whatever you want to put in that field that makes the most sense for your business.  For more information about this field please see here.

What's on your list (of bikes in upcoming reservations)?

We use a 'horizon' of up to 7 days into the future.

We don't include any reservations (or rather bikes in them) for reservations that are already checked out or checked in.


If your store uses Extras - then the Prep List will contain a list of all extras - and will be correspondingly checked (or not) for each Item respectively.

Printing out your list

This list can also be printed by pressing the print icon.

More Columns

If you want to add more columns to any particular view then press on the cog.  Additional fields are arranged by section:

See Also

If you have a business that has very specific setup information (for example ski) you may want to use Custom Customer Data to capture multiple things like DIN, goofy / regular, shoe size.  We will be working on also flowing this information to this Prep List in the near future.