What are they for?

Service Points (S.P.s) are a useful way of quickly seeing which of your Items needs maintenance.

Please note - this feature was called 'the battery' in BRM1.0 - with with the rise of e-bikes was starting to cause confusion, hence the rename.

Items start with 100 SPs and over time the service points get depleted:

  • according to usage
  • as each day passes (time)

(and you can tweak the rate at which each factor, usage and time depletes the number)

BRM calculates the Service Points of each Item overnight according to the above settings and usage.

So, how do you use them?

here are some examples of when you may use Service Points.

1. When creating reservations to ensure you chose the Items most recently serviced.

ensure you turn on your Service Points column in your planner - using the costs on the right.

2. When looking at an individual bike you can see how many service points it has:

3. the Item Search page shows Service Points so you can sort by most recently serviced - or the opposite.

(sorting by service points coming soon)

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