Service Points (S.P.s) are a useful way of quickly seeing which of your Items needs maintenance.

Items all start with 100 SPs and over time the service points get depleted:

  • according to usage
  • as each day passes (time)

Here is where you define the rate at which each factor (usage & time) will deplete the points for each of your bikes.

Settings > Maintenance > Service Points:

When you click on that page you will see the following:

An Item with 100 Service Points has a full bar, and a bike with 50 Service Points shows a half-full bar, and so on. This calculation is based on two factors: how much it’s been used since its last service, and the elapsed time since its last service. 

Each bike is given 100 service points after every service, and the service points are recalculated for each bike, every night, based on the above-mentioned factors and the two parameters you set: 

  • Days Idle factor – the rate at which ELAPSED time runs down the battery – e.g. if you set to 1, then 1% of its service points are depleted for each day the bike is sitting around between services (default is 1%). 
  • Days Usage factor – the rate at which its USAGE runs down the battery – e.g. if you set to 10, then 10% of its service points are depleted for each day’s usage (default is 25%)

The two factors can operate at the same time.

For example, a bike that was serviced 9 days ago, and used for 2 days will lose service points based on its USAGE and ELAPSED time. You can set the Days Usage Factor and Days Idle factor factors in your settings, but if you don’t set them, they will default to 25% and 1% respectively:

Please note, whilst the maximum Service Points is 100, it is possible to have a negative value.

If a bike is used a lot, the system will simply continue to subtract points according to the above formula until you record a service.

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