If you have barcodes on your items you will probably want to use automated recording of your service entries.

To do this press on the handsfree icon in your header, then visit the Item Search page in Inventory.

This will put you into 'handsfree mode' which will mean your screen is now 'under the control' of a bluetooth barcode scanner:

(this means that input is controlled via the ID's field at the top of the page - where we keep focus)

First scan a bike:

here I've found NF1 so it brings up the detail page for that bike:

Second scan your service code:

.TLC here : tyres, Lube, chain etc...

we've shown in red below that it will automatically record the service in the service records for this bike;

You can see this in operation in this video

The idea is that you scan your rental item first. It will make a nice sound if the item is found (and a fail sound if not).  Then you simply scan in a barcode that you've pre-prepared to represent the work you've just carried out.  These must be pre-fixed with a full stop to denote it's a service entry - not an item id.

You set up your service entries on the 'Maintenance tasks' page:

This means you can enter details like description, time, cost with 1 scan or by choosing from a dropdown.

You setup your Maintenance Tasks in your configure page within the Mechanic Section

Be sure to start each one with a .   ( a full stop)




(this way BRM can differentiate between bikes and services

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