The maintenance (AKA mechanic) sub-section of BRM really performs 5 key functions:

  • USAGE tracking real-time usage tracking.  BRM tracks exactly how much usage a bike has had since its last service (as well as the period of time since that service) and feeds back that information using a little icon indicator.   We call this feature Service Points.
  • post rental feedback allows the capture of any post-ride feedback  - against the specific bikes concerned - on bike return. (aka return notes)
  • full service histories a place to record all your service histories for your bikes, either manually or automatically using a barcode scanner.  View full-service histories for each bike.
  • workflow for your mechanic so they know what they should be working on. 
  • checks item pre-ride maintenance checks - a crucial part of maintenance and liability management

In BRM2.0 the maintenance functions are accessed directly from within your inventory:

(the second tab is a maintenance tab)

See also

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