What if you want a bit of reorganization in your inventory?

Perhaps you set things up quickly and now want to change your Categories, Product Families etc.

You can move things around and here is how.

Moving a PF (product family) to a new Category 

Moving a PL (product line) to a new PF  

Movin an Item to a new PL 

What about if you made a mistake with the size of one of your Items?

no problem - you can change a PL's size

But - beware don't do this lightly.   E.g. if you sell a bike and buy a new one of a different size. Do not change the size, but create a new one of the new size.  Otherwise, you will likely have problems with existing (or old) reservations.

What about simply changing the ID of your items?

Easy - there is no issue changing the ID of your items

What about changing the order of your bikes or PLs, PFs etc?

then you can turn on 'enable dragging' and move items up or down. 

But please note, with dragging you can't change any structure - that is why we have the other features listed on this page.