All BRM fleets are organised into categories.  Categories are really just a way of splitting your bikes up into logical groups so that you (and potentially your customers) can find your bikes more easily when browsing.

For example hybrid bikes, road bikes, full suspension etc. You can name them however you like, organise them how you like, and you can have up to 16 categories in total.  No maximum number of rental items per category.

They are the first thing you see when making a booking:

(assuming you are using BRM in browse mode)

Here is how Categories look on the new Online Booking Wizard:

(just an example of course, colours, images name are fully customisable)

So, how do you set up your categories?

Categories are added to BRM via the spreadsheet.  For each rental item you list in your spreadsheet, you simply assign a 'category name' in the category column for that row:

Each time BRM finds a new category in the spreadsheet it will create it.  Each time BRM finds and existing category it will add the rental item to that category.

The same is true of course if you want to add a category at a later date, simply create a new category name, Validate and Import.

Category renaming

So what if you don't like the customer facing names of your categories and want to change how they look in your Online Booking.

See Here: Editing Specific Text

FYI - we also show you these names back in your Hierarchy Viewer:

Category ordering

To change the ordering of your categories, use the category re-ordering dialog in Fleet->Manage->Ordering.

See Here: Setting the Order of Your Products

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