Note that with the inventory structure of BRM2.0, you cannot change the size of an individual Item since all items within a Product Line should be the same size. If you have three sizes of the same model of bike, you need to create three separate Product Lines - one for each size.

You can easily change the size of a product line on the PL detail page. To do this, click the pencil icon on the same line as the product line you wish to edit:

Once on the PL detail page, you will size the size field with the edit pencil to the right. To edit the size, click the edit pencil.

You should only be changing the size of a Product Line if you are correcting a mistake, not for adding new items. Taking these screenshots as an example, I am correcting the incorrect size 56" (quite a large bike!) to the correct size of 56cm.

If you are not correcting a mistake and adding a new PL, don't try to change the size of an existing one. In this case we recommend suspending the old PL and adding a whole new one. 

Changing sizes when it's not appropriate can cause all sorts of downstream effects on your reservations, both future and past. For example, say a customer rents a size M bike one year and you later change the size of the PL to L. Say the customer then comes back next year asking for the same or similar bike as before. If you looked up the reservation history. BRM would tell you a size L was rented previously because the PL size was changed.


BRM will attempt to warn you of any potential problems when you change size with pop-up:

If you are sure, go ahead and type the new size into the text box and hit save for BRM to apply the changes.