What if you want to move your inventory around?

For example, change the parent (product family PF) of one of your Product Lines.

(Please note for this complex operation we don't use drag and drop - the above image is to show you what we're trying to achieve)

If you have the right role (store manager) you will be able to change an Item's parent using a dropdown.

For example, here I'm moving one of my Stumpjumpers to another part of my inventory:

Start by clicking on the Edit icon (the pencil) on the Product Line's product Family (PF);

You will note a couple of things

  • the system gives you a full impact analysis 
    • how many items there are in the PL
    • how many reservations there are for this Product Line

Think twice about doing this kind of change mid-season when you have lots of reservations!!!

Normally you will be re-structuring your inventory without changing the sizes of your bikes!

If necessary first create a new Product Line of the correct size into which you can move your bike / item.

What happens next?

As you can imagine this is a high-impact change - hence all the checks and measures.

  1. we rebook any reservations this item is in so it has the right PL's etc.
  2. we reduce the capacity of the source PL
  3. we increase the capacity of the target PL

All of this means of course that you may now have reservations you cannot support.

Imagine you had 20 bikes in a PL.    20 reservations against them.

Then you move a bike out.

You have probably just gone over-booked (by 1 bike).

BRM will pick this up in your overnight check and give you a smart alert.

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