Linking reservations to client records

When you make a reservation you are going to want to link it to a customer record.

We say linking because they really are two separate things in the system.  Reservations and Client records linked together.

You don't simply add a name to the reservation you LINK your reservation to a client record.

BRM lets you create a new client record 'on the fly' if you type in a new customer name when you're creating the reservation, or it lets you link a new reservation to an EXISTING client record (by selecting it from the drop-down as you type in your client name)

In this example I'm creating a new client record 'on the fly' while creating a new reservation:

Once you complete the reservation (having chosen either an EXISTING client record, or creating a NEW client) you can then bring up the Client Details Dialog to enter in more details about that client.  

You do this by pressing the 'client record' link:

The Client Details Dialog looks like this.  As you can see it lets you enter in user details like name, address, phone numbers and emails.  Highlighted are some custom fields we have setup as an example.

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