The customer detail popup is where you can view and edit customer information. 

There are two routes to get to it, via the Customer List Panel or via the Reservation Detail Panel.

Customer List Panel

Navigate to the Customers page using the left-hand menu, search for a customer and click on the customer entry in the Customer List Panel to load the detail popup.

Note that pressing search with nothing in the search box will search for all customers in the system.

Reservation Detail Panel

When viewing a reservation in the Reservation Detail Panel, simply click the customer name at the top of the reservation to bring up the detail popup.

Options/actions in the Customer Detail Popup

The buttons at the bottom of the detail popup allow the following actions:

  1. Close Customer Detail Popup.
  2. View the event history of the customer record, this includes dates created and any changes made after creation.
  3. Perform additional actions to the customer record, see Removing customers.
  4. Beam the customer information to a pre-configured kiosk so they can sign the liability waiver with an electronic signature, see Electronic signatures on your waivers.
  5. Save any changes made to the customer record.