As a customer passes through the online booking process, BRM sends synthetic (generated) pageviews to Google Analytics.

Screenshot from Google Analytics:

Description of pageviews

Page name
Description of event
book.html?shop=<namespace>Initial loading of the online booking page for shop <namespace>. Note that is not a synthetic pageview but an original one. You can use this to see how many times your online booking page has been visited.
getAvailability.html?categoryName=<categoryName>When a category of name <categoryName> is clicked.
addToBasket.html?productLine=<productLineName>&size=<productLineSize>When a Product Line named <productLineName> in size <productLineSize> is added to the cart/basket.
removeFromBasket.html?productLine=<productLineName>&size=<productLineSize>When a Product Line named <productLineName> in size <productLineSize> is removed from the cart/basket.
checkout.htmlWhen the checkout button is pressed.
continueShopping.htmlWhen the continue shopping button is pressed. By default, this button is labeled "Add more bikes and extras".
register.htmlWhen a new customer record is created.
login.htmlWhen an existing customer logs into their account/customer record.
makeReservation.htmlWhen a reservation is created. Note that a reservation is created after register.html or login.html is sucessful.
payViaStripe.htmlRecords when the Stripe payment process has started.
paidViaStripe.htmlRecords when the Stripe payment process has been successful

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