There are many colums you might want to display about the Items contained in your reservation.

Showing them all at once would create far too much information to be useful.

So we use column selectors to let you turn them on and off when you want.

We also sometimes turn them on automatically when we think it is a good idea to do so.

Here are the column selectors and the columns they control;

selectorcolumnsautomatic on?help article
BaseName, Category, Size, Priceyes
ItemsStatuswhen currentsee here →
ExtrasAny Extras relevant for these Itemsif any selectedsee here →
CustomerCustomer record and notes fieldif Item has Customer recordsee here →
Locations (only in Multi-Loc mode)Home and Current locationsif Multi-Loc option selectedsee here →
CheckinEarly Check-in Button (for Item)Reservation stage = CheckedOutsee here →