The Reservation Detail Panel is a busy page, so we need to manage the data we show you at any one time so does not become overwhelming.

One of the bits of data concerns the status of the Items contained in your Reservation.

But it may require some explanation.

We only show the column (by default) when the Reservation reaches the Reservation Start Date.

We do this so as not to confuse you, before that the data is pretty confusing as it may relate to other reservations that Item is involved in.

Imagine the following scenario.  You have a popular bike; SJ_57

It is booked 3 days in a row to separate reservations.

Imagine you are looking up the future reservation, happening in 2 days (and 2 rentals) time.

It would be pretty confusing if the future reservation contained a bike that said it was already checked out - so we don't show that information.  (It would indeed be checked out - but to a previous reservation, which is normal)

On the other hand, if you view the current booking - it will correctly show you the Bike Status - because it is relevant and non-confusing:

For that reason, we only auto-show that column selector if we have already reached the Start Date for this reservation.

If you're curious you can always turn it on, even for future reservations to see the current status of any Items.

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