You can save custom or quick searches for your reservations based on what kind of searches you use and need the most.

For example, here I've set up searches for 

  • Reservations in  confirmed stage
  • Reservations on the 'client' channel (online booking)

(You can name these buttons what you like)

You could, of course, set up your own searches, using as many or as few elements as you like.

For example, you could set up 'confirmed client' bookings using a combination of both elements.

Here is how you set that up.

Press on the 'cogs' below the buttons, in the 'Quick search' panel.  (In Reservations > search mode)

You will then see a popup showing any existing quick search buttons  (click on them to edit)

You will also see a '+ Create button' - use this to create new ones.

In this image, you will see I have clicked on the client button

You can see it is composed of 

  • Confirmed, Checked_out, Checked_in Stages
  • Client Reservation Types

Use the buttons below to 

  • cancel (back)
  • remove the filter (remove)
  • edit the filter (save)