If you are using GBAL (Generic Book Allocate Later) then you will want to take bookings and keep them generic.

By generic we mean when you have a booking - but don't yet know which specific bike will be used.

Please note this might be because you use GBAL mode to make a generic booking in the back office, OR you take an online booking, but have auto-allocate option switched off.

This means your rental contains a Purple row - a Product Line - instead of an Item.

Then you allocate a specific Item - at whatever time makes sense for your business:

In your Reservation Detail Panel - click on the row you want to allocate - on the purple icon: 

You will then see a popup containing Items in that Product Line and any rental activity they may already have.  (for the given dates of your rental)

If an item is available you can choose it and press the green button to finish the allocate.

  1. Press purple button
  2. choose your Item
  3. Press green allocate button