BRM is all about speed and efficiency.  The minimum number of clicks / typing for each operation.

The quickest way to make a reservation is to (in create mode); 

  1. choose your dates.
  2. choose your items (bikes)
  3. choose your customer
  4. create reservation.

In this example, I've selected 2 bikes before starting to create my reservation.

Then all I have to do is set my customer (search or create new) and I can create.

BRM has been designed to show you the availability of your Items before you make the booking.

(if you make a mistake you can use the X to remove one or more)

If you really want to you can create a reservation with no Items and then add Items later - but this will always take longer. We do not recommend this workflow.

Of course, there are many ways to make a reservation - depending on how you run your operation - and the link below will show you some of your options.

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