Like any sophisticated software, there are many ways to perform most tasks.

This allows the user to find the optimum workflow for their particular needs.

It also allows 'power-users' to go faster than novice users, whilst keeping it intuitive for beginners.

Here we examine the different ways you can make a reservation.

We've recorded short videos of the following scenarios for each workflow.

Standard workflow is when you don't use the advanced panel.

Advanced workflow is when you do use the advanced panel.

in this image the advanced panel is hidden:

standard workflow
advanced workflow

by ID
by ID
select / create customer
advanced hidden
advanced hidden
select dates
advanced hidden
advanced hidden
browse via category

select bike by ID

choose actual bikes in grid

'create reservation' button

 enter customer name

+ create reservation
fill in customer details

total steps
watch videos  

1 bike, drag onto grid
videos coming soon
2 bikes, drag onto grid
1 bike, create button

2 bikes, create button

In terms of capabilities here is a comparison between standard and power workflows

bring in clients from Lightspeed
self-registration (tablet) clients
pick date & durations from panel
find existing clients pre-rental
create full client records pre-rental
pick Item by ID or browsing

drag and drop on grid to create rentals

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