This page serves as the central hub for BRM (RSM), encapsulating its core functionalities and serving as the engine room of the system. It offers an array of powerful tools for effortless rental creation and management.

Despite its complexity, the page boasts an intuitive interface, ensuring users can easily navigate its functionalities. Much like renowned calendar applications such as Google, Outlook, or Apple, its user-friendly design facilitates quick acclimatization and efficient utilization.


It's important to note that the page operates in two distinct modes:

  • Create MODE - Designed for swiftly generating new rentals.
  • Search MODE - Tailored for rapidly locating existing rentals.

Transitioning between these modes is seamless, and the selected view remains largely independent of the current mode.


Within the bottom section, you'll find three views each offering unique perspectives for visualizing and managing your rentals and inventory.

3 views available:

  • List VIEW - Displays reservations in a list format, also known as your Reservation List Panel (RLP).
  • Day VIEW - Visualizes bikes and dates in columns.  A column represents each day.
  • Hour VIEW - Similar to Day View but with hourly columns.

Additional options for more detailed information include:

Another important aspect to highlight is the presence of two distinct sections: the top and bottom sections.

The top section serves as a control hub for efficiently managing and inputting data visibility.

The bottom section acts as the primary display area for your reservations and items, such as bikes.

It's worth noting that focusing solely on the top section can significantly expedite data entry processes.

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