This page is what BRM (RSM) is all about, it is the heart and soul of the system.  The engine room.

It is an incredibly powerful page that lets you easily create and manage your rentals.

Like any powerful page there is a lot going on, but don't worry it is also super-intuitive.  What you see if what you get.

To give you an idea think about any calendar application (e.g. Google, Outlook, Apple).  Plenty going on but you get the hang of it very quickly.


Firstly, please note that the page works in 2 MODES;

You can change between each mode very easily, and the VIEW you choose operates pretty independently of the MODE you are in.


The next thing to note is that in the bottom section you have 3 VIEWS to help you visualize and manage your rentals and inventory.

These are your 3 views:

In all three VIEWs you get a fantastic overview of what is going on.  But you can also drill down to get more information about any of your rentals:

The final thing to note is that there are actually two sections; TOP and BOTTOM.

The top section is for quickly controlling and entering what data you see.

The bottom section is where your data appears.  Your Reservations and your Items (e.g. bikes)

(you only really need to show the top section to increase the speed of data entry)

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