Offering Groups (work in progress) are used to organise your inventory into groups.

They can include Categories and or Events.

In inventory hierarchy terms, they sit above Category;

Offering Group
Optional.  If you want to group together different offerings, like Tours and Bike Rental then you can do that in an offering group. (coming soon)

Likewise, if you want to use to create sub-categories.  Road.  Road.Gravel  Road.Triathlon.  (Known as Category Bundling)

Examples: Bike Rental, Shuttle Bus, Triathlon
TOP level of your hierarchy. This is how you organise your bikes so that customers and staff can find what they are looking for. 

Example: Mountain
Product Family
Level 2 in your product hierarchy.  It represents a type of bike, and contains many sizes within.

Example: Specialized Stumpjumper 27.5"
Product Line
Level 3 in your product hierarchy.  It represents type of bike, but is size specific
This is what customers book online.

Example: Specialized Stumpjumper 27.5" - Medium
Level 4 in your product hierarchy.  An actual item of inventory, like a physical bike that a customer rides. This is what customers actually take out your store and return.

Example: SJ012:  (a Specialized Stumpjumper 27.5" - Medium)

Here are some examples of how you would use Offering Groups.

1. Category Bundling [LIVE in back-office]

If you have lots of categories you might use Offering Groups so you can 'drill-down' into the right category when making reservations, finding inventory.  Think of them as 'super-categories' containing other 

In this example below the Blue boxes are actually Offering Groups (Tarmac), not Categories, so when you click on them they will open up to show the Categories within

When you've made your sub-selection(s) you can back out of the Offering Group and continue to select categories

And here is an example when making a reservation:

Here is how you group Categories into an Offering Group, as shown above:

first of all, navigate to the Settings > Offering Groups page

Create a new offering group and add in any categories you want that Offering Group to contain:

In this example 'Tarmac' contains two sub-categories 'peformanceTarmac' and 'basic Tarmac'

2. Offering Group 'widget' or portal for all your offerings - or just tours [coming soon]

You may want to create a page on your website that groups together all your offerings in one place:

Groups of Categories, logically organised.

But also Tours / Activites / Events you operate.

here is a mockup.  

Note this has not been built yet.

3. Multi-store Offering page [coming soon]

as above but across different BRM stores you may have.

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