As your reservations progress through their lifecycle you are most likely going to want to record (and / or process) transactions.

Your customers will (hopefully) pay you rental fees and you will want to keep track of precisely who pays you what and when.

In BRM there are three types of transaction on BRM:

  • processed transactions. When you get the system to actually process a payment (e.g. using Stripe or Paypal)

  • record-only transactions.  Perhaps the reservations happen off-system but you still want to record it so that you can track wich of your reservations are paid for and which are not.  Examples include a cash payment or perhaps done using an external (un-linked) credit card machine.

1. Processed Transactions.  First of all you will need to setup a payment provider (Stripe, Paypal)

Then when add Transaction choose one of the integrated payment provides

These are blue and have a little right arrow 

2. Record Only Transactions

You simply tell the system the amount and the payment method and you're done.

3. Transfer transactions.  Set up your Lightspeed integration and transfer to and from Lightspeed.

Adding Transactions

  1. press the add transaction button
  2. enter the amount (and choose payment method & optionally notes)
  3. press the add Transaction button in this panel which will go green when valid.

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