The system automatically prices up your reservations based upon:

  1. the Items in your rental (and each of their price groups)
  2. the duration of your rental

Which means that duration is a very important part of information when looking at your reservations:

In the above example we can see that:

  • ┬áit starts at 11:33AM on the 1st April
  • it ends at 12:33PM on the 3rd April

This means the duration is 2 days and 1 hour

Which means it is more than 2 days.

Therefore the Billable days used in the calculation was 3 days.

The system looks up the Price Group for each bike in the rental - in this case, SL1 and finds the price up to 3 days.

You can override the number of billable days by overtyping in the Billable Days field.

e.g. you may want to be kind and give them the extra hours for free, making it a 4 day rental:

the red warning triangle warns you that billable days has been overridden.

press the red triangle to reset the override.

In the above example you can see I've not changed any dates, and indeed it still lasts 4 days and 9 hours.

But the difference is that the client was only billed 4 days.

Overridden billable days are shown with red warning triangle.