Depending on what kind of store you have will determine the experience you want to give your customers when they book online.

  • HiVo - or High Volume mode is designed for 'bums on seats' operations. (lots of standard bikes)
  • Regular mode - is for shops that sell to discerning customers with lots of extras & setup info. Add one-by one.

Let's take 2 examples.

Bob's Beach Rentals rents a high volume of beach cruisers to the public.  Typically they get groups (either families or friends) coming along for a few hours of beach fun.  When they book they want to get the job done as quickly as possibly and are not particularly interested in customizing the setup (or extras) of each bike.

Paul's Precision Mountain Bikes on the other hand, rents fewer high-end bikes to very discerning customers.  His customers are less interested in booking lots of bikes, but more concerned about making sure the bike is setup just right for their ride.

Offering Control - the name we give to the ability for you to fine-tune your customers' booking experience based on the kind of business you run.

Bob will want to offer an experience which is all about speed and convenience.  He will want to enable HIVO (High Volume) booking mode on his Customer Booking Page, which will give an experience like this, where customers can choose from the dropdown of available quantity for their chosen bike.  They are then put into the basket in bulk (up to 10 - depending on your availability of course).

HiVo mode

example of adding many at once - straight to cart.

One click 'add to cart' with no intermediate questions - for this bike.

In the above image you'll see 'Add to Cart' takes the quantity direct to the cart. It would we unusual to request detailed rider info and extras - but shown here to demonstrate how that would look

This will mean that whatever quantity is chosen will be quickly added directly to the cart.

This is good for speed, but will mean that if you are interested in capturing the following you will require your customers to revisit the cart:

  • extras
  • Rider information

(in which case HiVo would not be a good choice)

But if you just have a bunch of regular family or beach bikes with not much setup it might be a good choice.

Regular mode (non HiVo)

Paul will want to offer a very bespoke service when each of his precision bikes is chosen.

His customers can take their time, choose appropriate extras for this bike and select the right size.

One bike at a time;

  1. choose size 
  2. choose any extras for this bike
  3. choose any rider information for this bike

If they want to add a new bike (e.g. for their friend) they can go back around and repeat the process:

Or they can just continue to checkout.

Finally, it is worth noting that in either mode (HIVO or regular) they can have the option of modifying the extras and any per bike customer information, when they are looking at their cart, before they checkout.

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