If you are trying to use a scanner to scan in rental tickets you may have noticed that the barcode contains a leading hyphen. (-)

Meaning the barcode here for Jun0030-20 on this ticket

is actually stored as:


Why do we do this?

The prefix (-) is there to identify the type of data when using BRM in handsfree mode.

In Handsfree mode you can operate certain functions of BRM with only a scanner.  No keyboard, no decisions, just scanning.  Of course, you can only do a limited range of functions in this way, but it is very hand for doing certain repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently:

  • recording servicing of bikes
  • checking bikes out
  • checking bikes in

Searching via barcode

we have put in a feature to allow searching for reservations by scanning a ticket into regular search.

If you do try to scan tickets in regular mode (not handsfree) the hyphen would ordinarily stop you finding what you want so we allow it:

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