Sometimes plans change and bookings need to be cancelled. This has always been a manual task in the back office. But when customers want to cancel their booking they also do that themself if you allow that in the notification settings. You can choose to include a link to the booking cancellation page in the booking notification email and/or print a QR code on the printed invoices.

*Please note that we've recently implemented a 12-hour time limit from the start time of your booking for self-cancellation.  


1. Enable the feature Customer Self Service in Features and Customisation.

2. Select to enable the Customer self service in Provisional, Confirmed email notifications or both. Enable a link in the email, a QR code on the invoice or both.

3. The customer will receive their booking confirmation with a link and/or QR code to self-cancel their booking.

1. Enable the feature

Enable the feature Customer Self Service in Settings / Admin / Features and Customisation:

The feature is named Self Service Cancellations:

Optionally you can choose to also include a QR code on the invoice. In Settings / General / Document Settings:

This will allow your customers to scan the QR code on the printed reservation confirmation with their mobile phone camera and get sent directly to the Cancellation page.

2. Change setting in the Notifications Content tab

Enable the Customer self service in Provisional and/or Confirmed email notifications in Settings / Notifications / Who:

Here you can toggle the Self service link and QR code on/off:

3. Cancellation of a booking by Customer Self Service

From now on the notification email will include a link to the customer self cancellation page: 

This will bring the customer to the Self Service Cancellation page: 

Remember this will only change the stage of a booking to Cancelled. It does not refund any booking deposits which is a manual task and up to each store to decide depending on their cancellation policies

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