Add-Ons (Reservation Level Extras) are extras that apply to the whole reservation, not just an item in a reservation.

Add-Ons at the Reservation Level 

Examples include:

  • a tip.  Providing the ability for your customers to optionally add a tip to a reservation
  • a late fee.  Let's say the customer is late returning your bikes. You want to quickly apply a late fee.
  • a damage fee.  Same with damage.
  • a delivery fee.

Please note that, just with Item Level Extras, you may want to apply these extras in your Back Office or on the Customer Booking Page.

First of all, you need to enable this feature.

By default, we hide the complexity of this feature - but if you want to turn it on, simply visit the Features and Customization page and enable the feature.

What happens to the Reservation Detail Panel when the feature is enabled?

You will see that the Reservation Detail Panel has a couple of new fields so you can see which extras have been applied to the reservation - and what effect it is having on the price of the reservation.

In the below example, you will see that 3 Reservation Level Extras (RLEs) have been applied, creating an add-on total of£33.

  • Tip (£4)
  • Insurance (£26)
  • Service charge (£3)

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