Reservation Level Extras (RLEs) are slightly different from Item Level Extras (ILEs) in the following ways:

  1. they are applied to the entire reservation - not an item within the reservation
  2. you can define the price of the extra when you apply it - unlike Item Level Extras which have set prices.

This means the setup has another step, where you define which prices can apply for your Extras.

How to set up your Reservation Level Extras

You will see two tabs on the Extras List Panel.  Pick the Reservation Level Extras tab.

Once you have selected the Reservation Level Extras tab you will see a list of Reservation Level Extras.

Pick one or add one and you will see the detail page:

If you have RLE feature enabled you will see some differences:

  1. the level of the extra (Item or Reservation)
  2. Fixed Price for Reservation Level Extras can accept multiple price choices
  3. Additional 'Free Form Entry' selector:

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