At BRM we really value integrity and transparency.  

For this reason, we have always offered simple, transparent pricing and have been widely praised for it by our customer base.

Our pricing has always been guided by two simple principles:

  • your profits are your own - we will not take a % of your profits.
  • smaller stores pay a low price, bigger stores pay a higher price*

So you pay a subscription based on the number of bikes you have.  This is your package:

(if you have a number above 250 bikes please talk to us for a price)

But then we can come to payment frequency.  This is something we can offer a choice with. (since 2020)

We offer two options;

Yearly - this is our classic option. You pay for a whole year.  (better value)

Monthly - a new option to allow you to spread your costs over the year.  You still pay for year one, but in smaller monthly instalments.  After one year you will automatically switch to a rolling monthly payment and can cancel at any time.

No hidden fees.

No setup fees.

No training fees.

No booking fees.

No user limits.

No reservation limits.

No support fees.

* don't forget that support is largely a function of the size of the operation

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but what about online credit card fees? - well you don't even need to pay them

our BRM pricing page

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