Please Note - this is an optional premium feature

Can you use BRM to sell shuttle tickets? YES!

The point is you can use recurring events to make sure the shuttle rides are only bookable WHEN your shuttles operate.

A fewf other bonus features:

  • you can 'sell' your activity in the section at the top
  • you can define which other inventory can go with your shuttle ride (e.g. which types of bike)
  • these bookings get tagged with an event code (and reservation type) if you want to use for tracking.

Set up your Activity type - shuttle bus

set your scheduling - when do you run your buses.

Setup your inventory

e.g. in our example our bus has 14 seats, so we put in a capacity of 14 (14 rows in our spreadsheet)

- then you can take up to 14 bookings each time the bus runs

Set up your Reservation Type

this is optional but why not make it so that your bookings come in to your back office as 'bus seat' reservations.

Set up the duration and Recurring times

In our example:

  • 30 minutes
  • Mon, Tues & Weds - two slots per day
  • Please note times are entered like this:  08:00 10:00 (with 4 numbers per time and a SPACE between times)
  • Saturday - more slots

Constrain to any Categories

optionally you may want to say they can only book a certain type of Category (Categories) using the dropdown:

when you save these will automatically be used with your event (others will be hidden)

if you want them to all apply then simply don't list any..

You're good to go.  Here is how a bus seat reservation looks:

(you can manage it in the usual way - take payment, send confirmations etc etc)

Click here to see a live version in action →