BRM is a web-app meaning that it runs in your browser over the internet.

Whilst the application has been designed and built to be responsive, you will require a certain minimum screen size for realistic operation to be viable.

  • Computers

            Any desktop or laptop should work fine

  • Tablets

            10" minimum screen size recommended

  • Mobile Phones

            not supported.  You may be able to do very quick jobs like look up a customer or view a reservation.

            But you will not be able to operate your rental business from a mobile phone.

Q & A

what about Chromebooks?   most things should be fine but there are some issues around printing (if you want to print and not use electronic signatures)

What about operating on a tablet or computer but with notifications on a phone?  Good idea, we recommend setting up Slack integration to get reservation notifications on your mobile 

What about handsfree operations - like servicing a bike?  We have designed specific functions like this to be run from any mobile device, including phones, using Bluetooth.

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