Let's say you want to take online reservations.

But you don't like the fact that online transactions cost a little more than in-store transactions (due to increased fraud risk)  (see here if you're curious!)

How do maximise online bookings whilst minimising online fees?

One method you can use is the following;

1. Choose Stripe as your payment processor.

2. Choose 0% deposit (in Offering Control) so your customers must leave a valid credit card but pay nothing when renting

We have found you get very few no-shows in this way.  You can even charge a no-show fee using that card - as long as you make it clear in your terms and conditions.  This service is entirely free.

3. When the customer shows up in-store you can use your preferred payment processor to make the payment with your preferential rates.  (and all payments will flow through the same route)

Please note - this is very popular with Lightspeed users
1. leave credit card online
2. pay in-store via Lightspeed

BUT! - as usual nothing in life is truly free - beware you will pay a small cost in terms of efficiency;

  • You will have more work to do in-store (taking payment) which can frustrate customers and slow down the flow.
  • You may also get a slightly higher no-show rate compared to full payment in advance.

Please note - capturing credit card data is no guarantee the card can subsequently be charged because if the card-user is acting with bad faith they could prevent a transaction going through in a variety of ways.
However for the average user we have found it makes them take the booking more seriously.

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