One of the biggest arguments for even using BRM is that you are digitising your rentals, at the point of entry.  Meaning you are saving an awful lot of downstream work, that would normally be manual.  For example accounting tasks.

A good example of that is when reconciling payments at the end of the day.  When you record a payment in BRM you are of course recording it against a particular rental ticket.  We create a transaction and put it in a list belonging to that rental ticket.  But BRM provides another way of looking at your transactions - by any given duration.

By using the view Transactions Page you can see your transactions, broken down by payment method, for any duration you require.

This means, for example, that you can 'cash up' at the end of the day, ensuring that the money taken in your till matches with the rentals you have done today.

here is an example:

Exporting your data

once you have the search you want you can export the data in the following ways:

  • print - simple printout
  • csv - comma separated values file export
  • json - json format file export