So you've logged into BRM for the first time, now what? 

On logging in to BRM you'll find yourself on the Getting started page. This will be your guide to getting BRM set up as quickly as possible.

Getting started will look something like this

Notice the orange lozenge towards the top right of the page indicating this store is in the Setup phase. There are 4 more tasks to complete before moving to the next phase (shown by the little blue number). To find out more about onboarding phase, check out Store phase during BRM onboarding.

If a task need completing, the status is shown in orange. Once complete, this changes to a green border with a tick of completion.

Below, we will describe each icon on the getting stated page.

Setup tasks

Store settings

This is where you configure the basic information about your store. These include address, currency, time zone, sales tax and your shop waiver.


Here you set your shop opening hours, including any lunchtime closing periods


An integral part of BRM is being able to send notification emails to your customers about their bookings. Here's where you configure those settings.

Add bikes

This is where you add and manage your inventory, whether they be bikes or otherwise.


This page allows you to configure the pricing for the assets added to you inventory. 

Go Live tasks

On the BRM distribution channel. When you publish your bikes on they will be available for bike renters around the world to find and book!

On your site

This page contains the code you need to put the BRM booking wizard on you own website. Your online terms and conditions are also found here. 

In store

Most users choose to use BRM in store only before moving online. This page lets you notify the onboarding team you've started using BRM fro real bookings in store.