Upon logging in, you'll land on the Getting Started page, which serves as your guide to quickly setting up BRM.

The Getting Started page typically looks like this:

If a task requires completion, its status will appear in red. Once completed, it changes to a green with a tick of completion.

To find out more about onboarding phase, check out Store phase during BRM onboarding.

Description of each icon on the getting stated page:

Setup tasks

Store settingsConfigure basic store information such as address, currency, time zone, sales tax, and shop waiver.


Set your shop's opening hours, including any lunchtime closing periods.


Configure settings for sending notification emails to customers about their bookings.

Add bikes

Manage and add inventory items, whether bikes or other assets.


Configure pricing for the assets added to your inventory.

Go Live tasks

On bike.rent

Publish your bikes on bike.rent, allowing bike renters worldwide to find and book them. Bike.rent is the BRM distribution channel. 

On your site

Access code to integrate the BRM booking wizard on your website, along with online terms and conditions.

In store

Notify the onboarding team when you start using BRM for real bookings in-store.

This setup process ensures you're ready to efficiently manage your bike rental operations.