Hardware recommendations

we don't do hardware - we do software.

But we can advise on what hardware works well with our software for you to then source and purchase.

The following list has actually been tested for compatibility by our engineering team.

these are just some ideas - you need to check compatibility with your existing hardware


1D barcode scanners (Bluetooth)

for reading barcodes like this:

We don't recommend putting 2D (QR codes) on bikes as they are not great on curved surfaces or variable lighting conditions (sunlight on frame, dark in sheds / warehouses).

But good old 1D barcodes are super-reliable in all conditions.

low-price solution:

Inateck BCST-20

higher quality solution:

Datalogic QuickScan QBT2500BT.

the advantage is that it will scan from mobile phone screens - for future-proofing.

Lightspeed recommended scanner.

This will also work with BRM. More details here.


Remember, we recommend that you run the BRM back-office on a desktop or laptop - with a mouse and keyboard.  You will want it for advanced operations like swapping bikes, reconciliation, and inventory management.

Having said that, we have developed certain workflows to work specifically with tablets;

automatic recording of maintenance using barcodes.

self-registration of clients (they input their own data direct into BRM)

EVO flow for bike checkout.  Scan bikes into a tablet.

So what tablet should you use?

The short answer is pretty much anyone you like, as long as it's recent (last 2 years)

has WIFI (to connect to BRM servers) and bluetooth (to connect scanner)

BRM runs in the browser, even on tablets so can be either iOS (Apple iPad) or Android (e.g. Samsung)

choose according to your budget, bearing in mind they can easily be stolen if not locked up!

FYI - we have bought 'Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T580NZKAXAR 10.1-Inch 16 GB, Tablet'  

Barcode Printer

How do you generate barcodes?

Once you know what format you're going to use, you then need to produce the labels.

for just testing you can generate them online, e.g. use this site:


For larger shops we recommend you purchase your own printer.  It will come with software to actually create the barcodes.

we have had excellent results with this printer: Brother - PT-P750W, using Brother TZ tape (very durable)

(but you can use other printers you like of course!)

  • we recommend around 18mm width for putting on bikes
  • we use Brother TZ tape with excellent results (durability; sun, water and scratch resistant)
  • we recommend to place them near the headset on the top-tube then you can scan them even when a rider is on (if necessary)

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